First Baptist Church, Clifton was organized sometime in 1878 or 1879.  The 1934 minutes of the Meridian Baptist Association state that 1879 was the year when it was founded, while the cornerstone on the front of the Sanctuary says 1878.  The Church was started with nine members.  Professor Shelby King (also a Baptist preacher), his wife and daughters, Selia, Catherine, and Sallie along with Mrs. Cynthia McSpadden, Mrs. Sarah E. Nash, Mrs. Anna Kemp, and Mrs. M. E. Cobb gathered to form the new church.  Rev. King served as the first pastor.  This group met in the old rock schoolhouse near the east bank of the Bosque River.  The next year brought one baptism and four other additions.  On August 13, 1884 the church petitioned the Bosque River Baptist Association for membership.  The church continued in this relationship until 1887 when some churches of Bosque County started the Meridian Baptist Association which is now called the Bosque Baptist Association.

A Growing Congregation     
     From this auspicious beginning, the church has grown across the years to a resident membership of over 600, average Sunday school attendance near 300, and a combined average of 350 in the two morning worship services.  As the numbers have expanded, the ministries for children, youth, adults and senior adults have grown as well.  Music, discipleship, and missions play an integral part in the ongoing ministry of the church. The church was located for a period of time on the west side of the river and the east side of the railroad tracks near a stand of live oak trees.  Baptisms were held in the Bosque River.  The church moved to the present location after the Baptist Ladies Aid Society helped raise money to buy the property west of the railroad.  Eventually, a church was built and used for nearly forty years.  It was torn down and the current sanctuary was built in 1948.  It has been remodeled several times across the years.  In 1951 the church officially changed its name from Clifton Baptist Church to First Baptist Church of Clifton.  Building additions to the current church property and structures took place in 1965, 1978, 1995, and 2002.


     The First Baptist Church of Clifton, Texas continues to look at various ways to be involved in ministry and missions in an ever-changing world.  Through the years, the church has been instrumental in helping to start and fund several missions which continue today.  The church is vitally involved in mission endeavors from Clifton to Mexico, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.  To use the words of William Carey, an early Baptist missionary, “Expect great things from God - attempt great things for God.”  This phrase resonates as the heartbeat of a warm fellowship of God’s people called First Baptist Church.


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