Join Our Church

We’re thrilled you’re thinking about becoming a member of our church. Membership not only gives you a voice in church decisions but also marks a deeper commitment between you and our congregation. Here are three ways you can join our church.

1. Baptism: If you haven’t yet accepted Jesus as Lord and been baptized, start here. Fill out our membership form, choose “Baptism,” and speak with our pastor. Upon baptism, you’ll become a full member.

2. Transfer of Letter: If you have been baptized by immersion and are a member of another church, fill out our membership form and select “Transfer of Letter.” We’ll then coordinate with your previous church to transfer your membership.

3. Statement of Faith: If your former church no longer exists or can’t be reached, select “Statement of Faith” on our form.

Keep in mind that all membership requests are subject to approval in a church business meeting.

We’re excited about your interest and look forward to growing together in faith.